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My transverter based on G3WDG modules is being rebuilt with the following changes:
1. A new 106.5MHz OCXO using a design by G8ACE with capability of being locked to a 10MHz frequency standard. This unit, is currently on soak test and is expected to keep the 10GHz signal within 100Hz without locking to GPS. The turnover frequency plot is shown on the index page.
2. The DDK004 LO module has been modified to accept the input from the G8ACE OCXO
3. A DSP-10 IF transceiver has been built and tested. This unit can find signals even when they can't be heard. It also provides for several digital modes including Morse.
4. The JNT control unit will need to have the power attenuator remeoved/modified for the 20mW output from the DSP-10.
5. The current G3WDG Receiver has a noise figure of about 2.5 and it has proven to be a good performer. However it has been decide to try to improve on this by adding a low noise pre-amp.
6. A 10W solid state PA has been bought which requires some power supplies and a protection unit to be built.
7. The whole transverter will be mounted on the 2.2 metre dish and a suitable mounting frame has been welded up from square section steel tube.
8. The control and position of the dish has the required the design and layout of a pcb to contain the ADC's/ displays and control switches.

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Last updated 2003 May 14