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DSP-10 Transceiver

This transceiver designed by Bob Larkin W7PUA, has features specially suited to weak signal microwave use. link to the DSP-10 transceiver project page The rig consists of the DSP-10 tranceiver contained within a transceiver sized diecast box and a low spec 12V laptop (IBM365X Thinkpad- in my case). The whole of the software is contained within a single floppy disk. The display is of the form of a spectrum analyzer/waterfall display and is capable of displaying signals which cannot be heard. The unit is designed to operate with a transverter and it's frequency display can be offset accordingly. There is also software for weak signal communication built in.

Although the regulators within the unit are designed to run within spec, I like to keep temperatures down. Lower temperatures increase reliability in the longer term. This pic shows a modification to lower the temperature of the EZKit(Digital Signal Processor) regulators A length of ali bar 1/2" by 1/4" was fitted between one regulator and the outer case A further piece of ali bar was drilled and tapped to get the heat from the other regulator to the top of the EZKit box, and the box lid is now 1/16" ali sheet instead of FR4 material to further help conduction. Overall it just gets pleasantly warm to the touch rather than about 45 deg as previously.

Another thought: So I can change over from internal 10MHz to external frequency reference I am going to fit a small 5V relay by the connector - this will be operated by a rear panel switch.

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Last updated 2004 May 15