David Wrigley's Microwave Website, Manchester, England


Frequency Stability and Measurement - Homebuilding a Frequency Reference.- Updated Brooks Shera URL - 2005 Dec 19

Frequency Standards -info from a talk at RAL RT 2004- updated 2005 Dec 17

300MHz DDS - G4JNT 300MHz clock DDS- updated 2004 Jul 12

DSP-10 transceiver -a PC controlled DSP receiver with special features for weak signal work - updated 2004 May 14

Morse Code Message Generator -various designs for use with beacons and repeaters- updated 2002 Dec 31

G3WDG rebuild -time to effect some improvements to this sound basic transverter - updated 2003 May 14

12GHz Prescaler - handy device to extend the range of your frequency counter - updated 2002 Jan 30 - now using "Hittite" Device

1KHz Modulator for a 10GHz Gunn Diode Transmitter - Part of a 10GHz Antenna test range. 2001 December 16

24GHz PA /beacon - progress so far - 2001 Aug 23

Airborne video - Licence free system - 2001 August

Lucent Microwave link - Build a programmable signal generator using the PLL- New info 2001 July 12

Trailer mounted 2.2 metre dish - progress so far - 2002 Jul 26

Cassegrain sub-reflector - Calculations and construction of a cassegrain dish feed system

WaveGuide switch operator - Automobile Door Actuator works a WG switch

Stable Microwave PLL - Updated version of the WA6CGR Universal PLL System.

PIC Chip Projects - Universal PIC programmer and other projects.

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